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Календарь турниров
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Local rules

1. Out of bounds (Rule 27)

The ball is defined as out of bounds if:

a) all of it lies beyond the line of the fence posts;

b) all of it lies beyond the line of the white stakes.


2. Water hazards (Rule 26)

a) water hazards are marked with yellow stakes;

b) lateral water hazards are marked with red stakes.


3. Movable obstructions (Rule 24-1)

a) stones in bunkers are defined as movable obstructions.


4. Immovable obstructions (Rule 24-2)

a) artificially-surfaced roads and paths;

b) sprinklers;

c) trees.


5. Please, avoid a slow play and play at a good pace.


6. Please, follow the instructions of marshals.


7. Every player must have his/her own set of clubs.


8. One drop shot is allowed when the ball moved in water on hole 9, if the ball moved in water repeatedly a stroke is made from the dropping zone, which is located on the island near the green of hole 9. This rule does not apply to the tournaments.


9. Follow the golf ethics:

a) appropriate dress and shoes are required;

b) practice swings on a tee are prohibited.


10. Follow the consecution of holes.


11. It is strictly prohibited to move to the stones around the lakes. It is dangerous. The lakes are deep.


12. If there is any breach of the aforesaid regulations, the play on the course may be stopped by the golf club authorities.


13. A length of a hole is defined from markers up to where the green starts, with the exception of pair 3, where the distance is defined up to the middle of the green.


14. Please, don’t move the tee-markers from their fixed places.


15. Repair all divot holes, pitch markers and rake up sand in the bunkers after a stroke.

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