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Club history

Together with America, Japan, Great Britain and Europe, the passion for golf is conquering new territories - Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Nowadays our country claims to be an appealing place for visiting, marked on the maps of the world golf-tourism. Thus, the first golf course which satisfies the best classical traditions and requirements was opened in the East, on the steppe territories of Ukraine.

The First Golf Club was established in 2004. Its main purposes include the popularization of this aristocratic game, creating conditions for professional and amateur golf playing, combining the healthy life style with comfortable rest.


Lugansk golf school - golf academy with all the required attributes, including academical course should become a center for children and youth training.

Being surrounded by the great infrastructure for active rest and health-giving time spending, Lugansk golf course is in fact the ecological island of Donbass region. This modern construction represents a huge landscaping park with typical green architecture, with places for rest and entertainment which are included in the park zone.


At first the building was supposed to be carried out just by Ukrainian specialists but it became evident in the process that modern golf complex can be created only with a help of professionals and by using suitable equipment.

As a result, the design and project were elaborated by the group of Czech golf-architects.


Shaping and finishing operations were done by Czech firm PHILIPP - SPORTOVNI TRAVNIKY. It was their 12th course. The Slovak firm ENGO was responsible for delivering Barenbrug seeds, Scotts fertilizers, goods and fittings for irrigation system TORO and also TORO machines for the course maintenance.


Thus, modern and first class golf course was created in Lugansk.


On the first stage of the Fifth Ukraines Open Championship Ukraine Golf Cup 2008 that took place in late May, 2008, the team of the First Golf Club received the highest personal estimation from the participants the words of gratitude for the magnificent arena.


Mass passion has already transformed golf from VIP game into rather democratic kind of sport. It goes without saying, that golf didnt lose its charm, nobility and special esthetics peculiar to the combination of calculation and heat, intellectual and physical load.


Besides other advantages, the game itself is just perfect for relaxation as well as for business meetings. It is not a secret that the majority of successful meetings and beginnings of the universally-known business projects took place at the golf courses.


There is no doubt that the appearance of the First Ukrainian Golf Course on the territory of Lugansk oblast will play the positive role in forming the business image of the region.

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